At Woodside Farm we have been specialising in growing & selling Christmas trees and free range Christmas poultry to the public and trade for over 30 years.

We pride ourselves on both the quality of our produce and the quality of our service. Our friendly team is always on hand to help.

We are members of the British Christmas Tree Growers Association who certify that the trees are grown in accordance with the BCTGA environmental Code of Practice and are guaranteed fresh!

We are members of the Traditional Farmfresh Turkey Association (TFTA), meaning our farm is inspected every year, insuring that our turkeys are raised to the highest welfare standard.

Price List


3ft £10 4ft £13 5ft £20 6ft 25 7ft £27 8ft £31 9ft £35 10ft £50 11ft £60 12ft £70 Potted 3ft £16 4ft £20


3ft £16 4ft £20 5ft £30 6ft £38 7ft £45 8ft £50 9ft £55 10ft £70 11ft £75 12ft £85 Potted 3ft £22 4ft £29

Top Quality Christmas Trees Available from 1st December

At Woodside Farm we have a large selection of Christmas Trees – where you can find the perfect real tree for you & your family. Our trees are cut daily – so always a fresh selection available.

Norway Spruce – this is a traditional Christmas tree with a lovely pine scent

Nordman Fir – a slower growing tree that gives a lower needle drop.

Potted trees are available. We also have on sale Christmas tree stands.

Opening Times For Trees from 1st Dec – 8am – 5.30pm 7 Days a Week. Christmas Eve – 8am – 12pm

Netting available for all tree sizes.

Free Range, Traditionally Reared Poultry – Turkeys (White and Bronze), Chickens and Ducks

Our chickens are barn kept with plenty of room to roam and are allowed to mature slowly.

Chicken Oven Ready Price List £2.82 per lb or £6.21 per kg, weight range 6 to 13lbs or 2.72 to 5.90kg

Duck Oven Ready Price List £2.92 per lb or £6.43 per kg, weight range 6 to 11lb or 2.72 to 4.99kg

Our turkeys arrive with us at just 1 day old in June. No growth hormones are used, allowing them to mature slowly and stress free. They have access to the outdoors in a natural environment – adding to their flavour. All our processing is carried out on the farm, meaning zero food miles. The meat is hung for a minimum of 7 days to achieve a mature flavour.

We also offer turkey Rolls and Crowns for ease of cooking and carving, with all the meat being breast meat.

Turkey oven ready prices – 2019 7 to 14.5lb = £3.96 per lb 15 to 20lb = £3.68 per lb 20.5lb to 25lb = £3.55 per lb 3.18kgs to 6.58kgs = £8.72 per kg 6.81kgs to 9.08kgs = £8.11 per kg 9.31kg to 11.35kgs = £7.82 per kg Crowns £7.00 per lb £15.42 per kg Rolls £10 per lb £22.03 per kg

M P Stephenson and Sons
Woodside Farm, Holton, Halesworth, Suffolk, IP19 8NE Tel: 01986 873651

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